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                                                                          Business School NewsNews
                                                                          CUFE BusinessSchoolhad been awarded honorary titles in 2018 by social media home and abroad
                                                                          Date :2018-12-29Click :

                                                                          The 2018Education Honorary Titles Selectionlists had been announced recently. Based on its excellent brandcompetitiveness and extensivesocial impact, CUFE Business School had wonhonorarytitlesby major media home and abroad, such asXinhua.net, cctv.com. Tencent, Sina, China.com, and WorldEntrepreneurs, etc. CUFE Business School had wonthe “2018 Brand Reputation MBA Program”, the “2018 BrandImpact MBA Program”, the “2018 Brand Value MBA Program”, and the “2018Innovation MBA Program”, etc. Professor Wang Ruihua, Dean of the CUFE BusinessSchool, won the honorary titles of the “2018 China Business Education Leader”and the “2018 China Business Education Pilot” by Tencent and China.net.



                                                                          As influential andmajor media home and abroad, Xinhua.net, cctv.com. Tencent, Sina, China.com,and World Entrepreneurs had been conducting Education Honorary Titles Selectionand Forums which had become yearly occasion of the education sector. Throughthe online voting and expert review process, the name lists of winning businessschools and deans would be published on-site, which had been recognized andpraised by all sectors of education.



                                                                          CUFEBusiness Schoolhad been awarded honorary titles in2018 by social media home and abroad, which indicated that the excellent brandvalue and good reputation of CUFE Business School wasrecognized by media and society. Looking forward to the nextyear, driven by its mission, CUFE Business School would continue to implementthe strategies of differentiation and internationalization and improve its competitiveness,adhering to CUFE’s philosophy of “seeking truth, pursuing excellence”, and themotto of “loyalty, unity, realism and innovation”.CUFEBusiness School would enhance its competitiveness, speed up the development of“first-class disciplines” and promote theimplementation of the AACSB accreditation,and endeavor to become a first-class business school with impact and influenceat home and abroad.  



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