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                                                  CUFE-BS Academic Seminar: Working Internationally & Integration of Brand and Sales through the Operation of SocialE-commerce
                                                  Date :2019-05-13Click :


                                                  Theme:Working Internationally


                                                  Time:2019.05.18, 9:30-11:30 AM


                                                  Location:Room 106, Main Building


                                                  KeynoteSpeaker:Mr. Sun Fengchuan, Former Chief of Staff to the Chairman andCEO, Capgemini Asia Pacific and Middle East


                                                  Abstract:How to work smartly in aninternational environment?How to deal with different nationals?DOs and DON’Ts in work.  


                                                  Theme:Integrationof Brand and Sales through the Operation of Social E-commerce


                                                  Time:2019.05.18, 9:30-11:30 AM


                                                  Location:Room 106, Main Building


                                                  KeynoteSpeaker:LiaoRong,CEO of Beijing Baishi Interactive TechnologyCo., Ltd.


                                                  Bio:Rong Liao hasrich experience in social e-commerce operations, especially good at designingmobile terminal operation solutions from the perspective of business modelchange.His company services for Forbidden City CulturalCreativity, Forbidden City Bookstore, Palace Museum Culture, Mengniu, ChinaTea, Red Kangaroo Baby House, People's Posts and Telecommunications Publishing,etc.  


                                                  Abstract:In the newstage of economic development, the awakening of local consciousness means thatmore new brands will grow stronger. Social e-commerce is an important way tohelp the growth of new brands. The content of this lecture will focus on thefollowing three topics. Help everyone understand how to help new brands achievethe goal of integration of brand and sales through the operation of sociale-commerce:  


                                                  1. Thevalue of integration of brand and sales in the era of traffic dilemma.


                                                  2. Thefour basic principles of integration of brand and sales.


                                                  3. Howto realize the social e-commerce startup of the new brand from zero to one.  




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